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* This offer has no cash value. Offer is subject to change without notice.

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At EarnUp, we believe in helping our friends and family achieve their financial dreams. Enjoy our exclusive deal: we will waive the $15 Monthly Fee for your first six months. Thereafter, we’ll discount our Program Fee so you pay just $5.00 per month.* 

DIY budgeting apps can't compete

MyEarnUp simplifies your budget, making it easy to manage all your debt from one platform.

Our automated debt payoff tool aligns your repayment to your schedule and budget – without new loan or balances transfers.

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Concerned about Student Loan payments?

Don’t let student loan repayment ruin your financial goals — MyEarnUp helps you effortlessly locate your loans and create a custom payoff plan that aligns with your budget, empowering you to pursue your dreams without compromise.

Loan debt doesn't have
to rule your life

Outsmart your debt by syncing your repayment with your paydays — whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly — helping to fast-tracking your payoff and cutting down on interest.

And, you can simplify the whole shebang with our ‘set & forget’ auto withdrawal schedule which makes it easy to stay on top of your financial commitments.♦

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Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate interest savings and loan payoff acceleration when using a bi-weekly schedule. Your actual savings will differ. 

Note: There is no change to interest rates or loan terms. This is not a debt consolidation tool.*

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Are You Using the Power of 13 to Accelerate Debt Payoff?

When you add optional Acceleration to your custom withdrawal schedule, you can pay off your loan faster and pay less in interest.¹

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¹Interest and loan term reduction are calculated based on the requirement of additional deductions and payments made towards the loan principal over the life of the loan. The loan must be paid to completion with no defaults or payment errors on the account in order to realize the savings. Savings may vary based on your unique EarnUp Program.

² Testimonials are individual experiences and results vary.

♦  Loan Value must stay the same. Loan must be paid with no default or payment errors on the account. You must notify EarnUp of any changes to your Escrow payment.  Price is subject to change without warning.

*This offer has no cash value. Offer is subject to change without notice.

**NOT A CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATION OR CONTRACT. EarnUp is not a credit repair organization, or similarly regulated organization under other applicable law and does not provide any form of credit repair advice or counseling. EarnUp is not a lender or provider of credit cards. EarnUp helps users to manage their debt, minimize interest fees, or automate smarter budgeting.