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Special Discount for Prosper Wise Participants

We will waive the $15 Monthly Fee for the first six months

Thereafter, we’ll discount your Program Fee to just $5.00 per month*

Credit Card Debt Holding You Back?

If you make only the minimum payment, a $10,000 credit card balance could cost you $16,056.59 in interest and take 346 months to pay off.
We’ll help you outsmart interest by splitting payments up into 2 or more smaller monthly increments so your payments exceed the minimum.

Calculate Your Credit Card Payoff

Amount must be between $1 and $999,999
0.1 99.9
Amount must be between $1 and $999,999
Your monthly payment does not cover the accumulated interest. Input a higher amount
Value must be between 1 and 999

Monthly Payment


Total Interest


Time To Payoff

27 years 9 month

Month Monthly Payment Principal Interest Ending Principal
0 - - - $100,000
1 $1,038 $38 $1,000 $99,962
2 $1,038 $38 $1,000 $99,924
3 $1,038 $39 $999 $99,886
4 $1,038 $39 $999 $99,847
5 $1,038 $39 $998 $99,807

This analysis is an estimate only. This illustrative example demonstrates payoff timelines assuming balance does not increase. Individual results will vary based on your unique situation. 


A Simple Way to Reach Your Financial Goals

Your coach provided a plan. EarnUp will help you automate those plans to get to your goals easier and faster. 

That can include building emergency savings, paying down high interest rate debt, or accelerating the payoff of student loans, mortgage, personal, or auto loans. 

The best part is you can begin to see results fairly quickly.

Try a few scenarios using the savings calculator.

Student Loan Debt Tools that Get You to Your Goals Faster

Your education should move you toward your financial goals, not prevent you from reaching them. 

  • Locate open student loans and servicers
  • Assess eligibility & apply for Federal student loan savings plans
  • Get paydown scenarios & create a personalized payment plan
  • Use EarnUp to put payment plan on autopilot
  • Optional acceleration program fast tracks payoff & saves on interest fees

Find Your Savings!

Programs Information & Overview

EarnUp can help participants throughout every phase of their financial life.
In fact, EarnUp customers use our services for an average of 14 years.


Learn all about EarnUp and how we help people pay it down and save it up

Unique Features

From flexible scheduling to smaller more managable payments

Credit Cards

Beyond minimum payments: conquer credit card balances

Student Loans

Instantly assess eligibility for Federal Savings Programs

Enrollment is similar to setting up autopay with your bank.

During enrollment you'll be asked for the following:

  • Bank Information: account & routing numbers for debits
  • Loan Information: most recent statement to confirm loan and loan payment details

Calculate Your Potential Savings

Estimate interest savings and loan payoff acceleration on a bi-weekly schedule. Your actual savings will differ.*

Note: There is no change to interest rates or loan terms. This is not a debt consolidation tool.**

* EarnUP will waive your monthly $10.00 Program fees for the  first  6 months following the first debit. Limited  one-time offer for Prosper Wise Participants only. This offer has no cash value and is subject to change or cancellation.

**Interest and loan term reduction are net of EarnUp’s Program fees and are calculated based on the requirement of additional deductions and payments made towards the loan principal over the life of the loan. The loan must be paid to completion with no defaults or payment errors on the account in order to realize the savings. Savings may vary based on your unique EarnUp Program.

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